Friday, March 4, 2016

Burn: A Psychological Horror Soon to Be Released

 Burn Poster
Liverpool/London, UK – 4th March 2016: Slaughtered Bird Creations and Dragon Egg Media’s debut film collaboration, Burn, has wrapped and entered post-production. This means in the following months we'll see some leaked footage, a trailer and finally a debut film release of this new horror film that should be as explosive as fire to propane.
The short psychological horror – directed by Judson Vaughan, creator of Pedro and the multi award-winning Soul Breaker - was filmed during February in Hertfordshire and north London, UK, over the course of three days. This is the first time that all of the producers, writers, and directors will be working together to create a unique blend of horror that the world has never seen.
“After several local disappearances prompt a nationwide manhunt, Burn focusses on Peter and Louise – two of many gripped by media-induced fear. When their son, Charlie, is born, the pair must find a way of raising him amid continuing public hysteria and incomprehensible personal tragedy.”
Starring Max Cavenham (who has several action movie appearances to his name as extraneous soldiers) and Emma Kelly (Inbetween), this story was put together by Chris Barnes, co-owner of Combine this with a new partnership with Vaughan’s Dragon Egg Media label - this will become the first project released under the production umbrella, Slaughtered Bird Creations.
Bringing to light Barne’s love of suspenseful build-up, Burn should be a fast-paced horror that brings the feeling of independent British cinema while maintaining quality cinematography from Joaquim Barreto, whose work has been seen in the documentary short Living.  
Displaying BURN screen shot - Peter.jpg
Displaying BURN screen shot - Peter.jpg
A scene from Burn showcasing some of the cinematography
Find out more about Burn here -
Twitter: @BurnShortFilm

To reach the producers of this fine film you can tweet them at the following usernames, as well as visit their sites to better judge the quality of the work. You won't be disappointed!                                                     

Slaughtered Bird Creations
Twitter: @SlaughteredBird

Judson Vaughan’s Dragon Egg Media
Twitter: @dragoneggmedia

Chris Barnes
Twitter: @TheBlueTook

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