Monday, March 14, 2016

Tattoo Idea #3

     As a horror author in search of a good tattoo, probably for my forearm or thigh, I need to find something that both illustrates my love of the genre and who I am as an individual. I'm a Buddhist, I love horror, and I love gaming. Besides my wife and parents (and Grandmother) there really isn't anyone I care for in a sense that would merit a tattoo.
     My wife and I have agreed, no tattoos involving each other as that always seems to be the marker of a break-up. Wouldn't want her name on me and then Karma kicking us apart, ya know? So that's out. I don't want a Mom tattoo as I think those are tacky, and my Dad doesn't like tattoos so getting one involving him would be just odd.
     So Buddhism, Horror, and Gaming are my best bets!

     Here's a thigh piece that involves horror, and I could add a Ying-Yang symbol instead of the cross on the forehead, maybe some dice in his hand? Make the backdrop an emerald green or maybe a deep blue perhaps? What do you guys think?

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