Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tattoo I'm Going to Get

     I've decided on my left forearm, close to the elbow. Going to have a partial skeleton holding a lantern, wearing a top hat with an ace of spades stuck in the band. I'm going to have one hand bearing the lantern and another holding a shrunken head. It will have one blue eye in the right socket.
     It may seem all out of left field, but it all has meaning to me. The skeleton is to represent the horror I've selected for my life, the ace of spades represents death, which in tarot card reading means change. This is a juxtaposition with my "death" figure that is the skeleton as the top hat with the ace of spades represents changes in life. The lantern is something to guide me through the darkness until I finally reach my goals in life while the shrunken head represents my youth, the memories shriveled away to nothing but the amazing and the terrible. The eye represents my eye color when I'm "happy" or "excited" and the lone eye will show that I can either look forward or back, not both.
     The colors will be blue bones and a warm glow coming from the lantern around a shaded area of darkness. The darkness is the unknown around me, and the lantern is my guide. The blue bones represent the cold nature of the real world. The skeleton will be weathered because I want to represent the troubles I've gone through.
     Now, to find an artist that can do this without costing me an arm and a leg!

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