Monday, December 21, 2015

Grim Reaper Tombstone for your Garden


     Christmas is but a scant few days away and finding gift ideas for all of you is getting harder and harder. But never fear! For those of you with a garden (and a dead pet you buried in said garden) I have the perfect gift! Behold! Death himself, standing ever vigilant over the tombstone of some long forgotten soul, warding away evil and pesky weeds. I know for a fact that many people bury their pets in the back yard, so for the potter's field in your back yard get this tombstone for them and you can give the restless spirits something to ease their suffering.
     Or make it worse, I don't know. Ghosts are weird, some of them like gothic shit, others get angry over it. So if you get this for your cat graveyard don't be mad at me when your house is swarming with angry feline poltergeists. Anyway, the link to the shop is in the image like always. Sweet Dreams!

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