Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas for the Dead

     I must say I had a cheerful Christmas this year as I was able to see some of my family and some of the wife's. Gifts were exchanged, but the lack of small children made it more of an exercise in futility as you always get a gift that the person assumes you would like. Not that I'm complaining, no! Gifts are a fine thing to give as well as receive. My gifts to my family have been fairly simple things that were easy to get
     My father wants (will be celebrating Christmas with him next week) a story written for him about his father in a Horror situation. Seeing as the man was a no-nonsense gun nut who was never without a cigarette or a beer makes for an interesting protagonist, so I'll be writing up something pretty messed up. For my mother, I got here a pin of the Mockingjay from the movie. She loved it, thank goodness, and offered me my gifts.
      For my wife, they gave her gloves, a ski cap and a scarf along with a pair of scented candles. For me, I received new shoes and some books. One happens to be Clarissa Johal's The Island, which I plugged a few weeks ago as good gifts for Christmas. I also received some other reading material as well as some pistachios and a red wax candle for my own use. All nice gifts.
      I then spent the day (after going home to take a nap with the wife) at her grandfather's house, He is not in good health but is of sound mind, and recognized me and the wife within seconds of seeing us. He spoke with me for a few minutes before turning to my wife, who I left with her grandfather for a private moment. I went to the backyard to meet the rest of the family and enjoyed myself immensely. My chronic pain didn't bother me as bad as it normally does, and I'd taken the maximum dosage of anti-anxiety medication so I was a happy camper. I talked music and philosophy imparted wisdom of how school is not about being smart but putting in the effort. and generally enjoyed the vibe of family members that I could relate to an extent.
     We've finally returned home, my wife now playing a video game while I relax at my desk and begin to pour over an article of writing to edit for Monday's release. I plan on having another week of horror movies tacked onto the day's story for the rest of December, after which I'll then just revert to the old way of just posting stories. I seem to be growing in popularity if the new recording of the "Crimson Grove" is any indication, which of course is flattering.
     I can feel the pull of the Grave on my weary bones but I shan't retire for the evening. I have work of editing and adding to my library of work before I'll feel comfortable relaxing. As for the all of you, dear readers, I thank you for reading my stories and enjoying my work. I know I don't edit as much as I should, but I have a new program that should be helping clean up my prose. I now take a bow and promise new stories and surprises for the New Year; I have many ideas that should be making the many novels I have posted take some interesting turns.
     Sweet Dreams!

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