Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Netflix Movies That Are Worth Watching

     The Taking of Deborah Logan is a movie that, as the name implies, about a woman named Deborah. The character is an Alzheimer's patient and focus of a study by a Graduate student who is paying for some of her medical bills in exchange for her being allowed to film Deborah and her daughter. The film quickly goes downhill as Deborah's behavior becomes more and more erratic, with wild attacks and self-mutilation a plenty. I'd rate it four out of five skulls.
     Apartment 143 is a bit more tame, with a typical possessed teenage girl trope going on with a few minor tweaks. The apartment the family lives in is haunted by spirits that disrupt everyday life, and seem to focus around the daughter. The father isn't doing to well as the wife recently died and the son is just a young kid. An aged Professor and his team of parapsychologists show up and set up shop to try and draw the spirits out, only to realize the girl is possessed. IU'd rate it three out of five skulls.

     Baby Blues is a Japanese horror film that is honestly more funny than frightening. My wife and I were cracking up at this supposedly haunted doll whenever it would act. The plot is of a pregnant woman and her husband, who works for a record company, moving into an apartment across from what must be a homeless Buddhist monk, as he is always giving cryptic warnings and knows the dark past of the apartment in detail. This movie, for how funny it is and for it's original plotline, earns five out of five skulls.

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