Monday, December 21, 2015

Publications in the Foreseeable Future

     So I'm sure many of you are wondering what exactly my publication history is looking like right about now, what with how I'm pouring so much into the site. That is merely a temporary thing, something that I'll do every year during October and December, to celebrate the holidays so to speak. I've always been partial to Samhain as you can imagine, and Christmas is a holiday that brings joy to all with the gathering of loved ones.
     Now, in 2015, I was published four times by Creepypasta and once in Shrieks and Shivers; a total of five publications for my work. This coming year, I have a publication in Siren's Call Magazine, Creepy Campfire Quarterly Issue #1 and Demonic Visions Six. I've also subbed to a few anthologies and subbed two novels to a publisher while applying with three different agents. I know, I should be working more on getting an agent, who can get me a better chance at getting published. I'm working on a short novella starring my Grandfather, a consummate hunter and all-around man's man from a bygone era. This story, should it be worthwhile, will also be submitted for publication.
     I have several more stories floating around Creepypasta waiting to be either accepted or rejected. So I may get some more Creepypasta love.

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