Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And it Has Risen!

     Ah, the miracles that Voudou can do, especially when combined with a reasonable technician and cheap but good parts. While Corey (I didn't get his name but I named him Corey) got the replacement parts for my computer together, I decided I'd add a little of my own horror-fueled flair to try and add divine intervention on my computers repairs.

     Thus Edgar the Chicken was slain upon an altar of skulls.

Poor Edgar...
     But with the aid of dark powers beyond mortal reckoning and an $8.99 bracket fan, my computer was repaired by Corey successfully. Add this to the fact today was a good day at work and I count it all as a win. 
     Jacques and his mysterious masterpiece will soon continue along with Holly and her ever growing dread-filled house. Patience is a virtue my vice-ridden followers, so just relax and pick up the new Stephan King book if you're looking for some scares in the mean time, I hear it's quite good. 

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