Sunday, December 15, 2013

Netflix Movies to Look Out For

     As stated previously on this torrid tapestry of type at one point, the wife and I enjoy our movie night. We tend to curl up on the couch and drift through the movie selection on Netflix, barring we recently purchased a film worth a damn. A few titles I think you would actually be at a loss if you miss watching...
     Troll Hunter... a foreign film that is slow at first, this fun little terror is a POV camera work movie that starts off as a light hearted adventure, which goes south the moment the group of teens encounter a Norwegian man that is bellowing "Troll!!!" as he runs past them. This speeds things up quite a bit, as the movie takes a spin for the bizarre as we explore the life of a government-sanctioned Troll keeper, who hunts rogue Trolls and makes sure they stay out of the media. There are several different species of Troll, all of which have unique quirks to them; some have multiple heads, some live beneath bridges. All have a foul temperament and, should they leave their reserves, need to be put down. Give it a watch, you'll love it.
     Onto more Horror-based films, we have Grave Encounters and Grave Encounters Two, both of which are POV camera work where a team of parapsychologists explore a haunted mental asylum. Standard cliche horror tropes are brought out to trot as both teams discover how haunted the asylum really is as it locks them inside, killing them off one by one. Not one for people looking for great acting, but both films build at a decent rate and have fairly original plots for such a stereotypical film. Watch one after the other so you can fully enjoy the series.
     Speaking of series, The Haunting in Connecticut, while not on instant stream, does have a sequel that is. This one is set in Georgia, and while it is hardly a worthy sequel to the first, if taken as it's own movie and at it's own pace, the film is worth the hour and a half. Several unique haunting scenes take place, and a rather ingenious plot is implemented for such a simple film. I'd rate it three stars at the very least,m possibly four if you watch it drunk.
     Which I did.
     So grab a fine glass of Chardonnay and find the remote, because I say you should have a free-for-all movie night with a loved one, bring some life to your own homes with these drop-dead hilarious little terror tropes. You never know, one might just become your new favorite!
     Sweet Dreams

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