Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Real World Horror: Heretical History isn't Helpful...

     Barrack Obama is by no means the greatest president we've ever had. He's probably not even in the top five... but one thing that he is is a smart man who knows history, both constitutional and otherwise. It was his job to know it and the driving force behind his own legal career.
     So when I read the headline, "Obama removes Under God from Gettysburg address!", I have to ask a simple question:
     Which one?

     In total there are five drafts for the Gettysburg Address, the first being the one our Commander-in-Chief just read off. The first, better known as the Nicolay Version, and the second drafts were written by Lincoln before the speech, while the third, fourth and fifth were written afterwards for charity auctions.
     So as I sit back, nursing my aching bones with a fresh cup of herbal tea, I get to read about the schmucks at the Liberty Counsel whine and moan that Obama didn't use the godly version. He did this for Ken Burns for his website, and read the version he was handed. I assume he had it checked over to make sure it was an accurate one, and for that I thank him.
     This is when my head hurts the worst... when History revisionists don't even realize how wrong they are. Go forth into the darkened night, dear readers, and research this for yourself. Education such as this needs to be addressed, and quickly dealt with...

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