Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post Mortem: Curse of Chucky

The cover of this suspenseful horror tale!
     When I first decided to watch this movie, I had low expectations. After five movies, I'd assumed I'd seen it all when it came to this devilish little doll. From the get go, I see this as a remake.
     I couldn't be more wrong.
     This story actually manages to tie in to the other stories in an extremely smooth fashion. The setting is new, the plot is intriguing and filled with unexpected twists and best of all, Chucky doesn't go to insane lengths to create "new" ways of killing people.
     He sticks to the basics, and in all honesty, that's what this straight to DVD film is, a back to basics for the standard slasher film. True, the slasher is a Voodoo-possessed doll, but most of the memorable slashers have some mystical aspect to them.
     Stick around past the credits, and you get a surprise worth waiting for.
     If you don't want to know more beyond that, don't expand this article.
     The movie is centered around a paraplegic and her elderly mother, who dies shortly into the film a sudden death, just after the family has received a rather strange gift: a Good Guy Doll. The box comes with no overt return address, and the doll is summarily discarded to the side.
     That night the mother falls from the second floor and dies.
     The family (a sister, her husband, their daughter and the live-in Nanny) come to the spooky as hell house to prepare for the mothers funeral. They bring along a priest, who doesn't just proclaim the house is evil off the bat, and they all settle down for a nice chat where they try and pawn off the paraplegic into a home for the crippled.
     Meanwhile, the little girl is off and about playing with the haunted toy, under the not-so-watchful eye of the nanny. She speaks to him and listens to what he has to say, often spouting his vitriolic comments out at inappropriate times.
     This is when I had a few problems with the movie: the first and foremost being that a family with a person who is paralyzed from the waist down since birth has, for some reason, decided to live in a three story house that has more rooms than a small hotel. They hint that the mom is depressed and that she makes money off of art or something, but never really address the financial state of the family, except when the sister wants to sell the home, to which the paraplegic steadfastly refuses, stating "This is my home!"
     Second, the little girl and Chucky. When she starts saying creepy shit, claiming the doll is actually saying it, wouldn't you just take the doll away? Maybe lock it in a cupboard? But no. After hearing a foul utterance from their ten year old daughter, who I assume doesn't speak like a sailor often, the mother merely tucks her into bed with said doll, not thinking twice.
     Back to the story. Wheelchair lady and her niece decide to make dinner (cause that will show she can handle herself in this giant fucking castle of a home!) where upon Chucky, up to his usual misdeeds, poisons a random bowl of spaghetti with enough rat poison to down an elephant.
     This poison is perfectly camouflaged by shredded mozzarella cheese.
     The priest ends up poisoned and drives home when he begins to feel ill, but gets in a car crash that kills him. A random cop who apparently has a drinking problem claims the Father was his AA sponsor, and decides to get to the bottom of this.
     Zoom back to the house where we find the family sharing touching home movies, when the little girl proclaims that she can't find Chucky. The sister sends the Nanny off to search, only to meet up with her in the kitchen for some hot lesbian make-out scenes. They tuck the girl in after finding the doll where the sister was sitting not five minutes ago, and decide to send her to bed.
     Once in bed, the Nanny goes to the same room as the little girl, strips down and opens her laptop to have naughty camera time with the sister while her husband sleeps. During an electrical surge, one where the wheelchair bound protagonist is busy searching the internet for Good Guy doll killings, Chucky gets up and kills the nanny with a poor electrical outlet placement and a bucket of water.
     This is when the sister begins to investigate, as she thought she saw something during the chat room sex she was prepping to have. She thinks she hears her daughter in the attic and goes up there to find Chucky.
     She picks him up and finds a freaking knife on him, only to set him down and turn her back on him, looking for her little girl who she is certain is just playing hide and seek. Chucky flips out and kills the sister.
     Around this time, the protagonist, without electricity to power her in-home elevator, has decided to begin crawling up the flight of stairs. She encounters Chucky and understandably freaks out, pulling a spare wheelchair (I counted five extra wheelchairs scattered throughout the film) and races off to warn the husband.
     The husband thinks she is nuts, and takes her down to the garage, locking her in so he can look for his daughter. Chucky, having hidden in the garage like a evil little sprite, starts the car and revs the engine, flooding the garage with exhaust fumes in an attempt to kill the protagonist.
     Let it be noted that by this time, the make-up covering Chuky's scars has been peeled away. Keep that in mind...
     The husband finds the dead sister and nanny, and notices the lack of daughter, and races back to the garage, where he finds a delusional paraplegic lashing out with a hatchet at a stitched up doll inside the car. She has a mild heart attack and faints.
     She wakes back up, duck taped to her chair while the husband reveals he placed a hidden camera in the doll. He turns it on just in time to have a live stream of Chucky running in the room with previously mentioned hatchet, which he uses to kill the husband.
     This is where the whole "Voodoo-possessed-doll-with-the-spirit-of-a-serial-killer" really begins to fall apart, as Chucky, after pushing the protagonist off of the second floor, tells the tale of how he fell in love with her mother, and even kidnapped her while she was pregnant. He stabbed her in her very pregnant belly, which left the protagonist paralyzed from birth.
     Chucky fails to kill her (for a fourth time) and she is found by the police officer mentioned earlier, who comes onto the scene to find three dead bodies and one injured woman, who he arrests and is sentenced to a life term in a psychiatric ward.
     The film has three good ending points, but I won't ruin those for anyone. Go out and see for yourselves.
     Sweet Dreams

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