Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Satanic Temple Might Lead Prayers at a Football Game

     One of the coaches at Brementon High Scool has gotten into the habit of forming a post-game prayer circle, where he leads the team in Christian-specific prayers... which is unconstitutional. As a government employee, he isn't allowed to promote one faith over another. That's what separation of church and state are around for. Imagine if you're a Buddhist or Muslim on that team (or an Atheist?) and you have to sit through this guy's prayer out of fear of being ostracized.
     Well, another organization has offered to lend their clerical services to make things a little more balanced, so long as a student or staff member invites them. They've been invited, so the Satanic Temple will be heading to Washington to conduct a rite while the Coach leads his team in prayer. They've said that they will only do this if he continues to lead prayers, as they just want to have equal treatment. If he decides to follow the laws, the Satanic Church will back down.
     So all the Christian has to do to beat back the followers of Satan is be silent... I expect that won't happen.
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