Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Signing Went Off Without a Hitch!

     The book signing yesterday was a huge success in my eyes, and hopefully in the eyes of the customers as well. I'm sitting at the far end of the table with, the bearded guy. Next to me is R.L. Ugolini, who not only wrote for Demonic Visions III, IV and V but also wrote a romance novel, Quakes. Next to her is Vince Liberato, someone who's been involved in every Demonic Vision that's been produced!
     At least the written ones that we were selling, I don't think he aided any satanic witches in their attempts to transcend this mortal plane. He has an author page at Amazon that contains his work, so swing by and see if he has anything that tickles your fancy.
     Both are great people with great senses of humor. We went from signing books to explaining how to get published to customers interested in entering the writing field. Our book table had five stacks of gruesome horror, with one stack of romance that R.L. kept insisting that there were some scary moments in. We officially decided I represented the Lion in the story, while Vince enthralled us with the field of Science Fiction (his area of focus). Was surprised how different it was, yet we use many of the same sources to try and find places to get published.
     All in all, a fine evening was had. Our editor Chris Robertson will be pleased for sure.

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