Monday, June 2, 2014

Book Review: Green Tsunami

Green Tsunami is an end-of-the-world novel that is surprisingly original. No zombies or vampires, just old fashioned mutants done in a shockingly amazing way. The whole story revolves around the e-mails between husband and wife, one mutated the other not. The husband was a stay at home husband when the green tsunami hit, and the green liquid mutated his foot into elephantine proportions. The wife is trapped in her office building with the co-workers that survived, taking care of the “Balloon Heads”, a group of mutants who have massive heads and communicate through chirps and telepathy.
The whole book is about one hundred sixty pages, so you can read it in a short sitting. Aimed for adults, there is some naughty language as well as naughty scenes that are never too described, but are described enough to make you shudder.
There are crab children, bug-people, living houses and mutated cars. Green moss grows everywhere beneath the red sky, while a lurking terror roams the streets, picking off the remaining human beings with tenacity and ferocity, all with the mind of a prepubescent sociopath. I purchased the book on amazon as a kindle edition and read it through three cups of coffee just this morning.
The writing is concise and to the point, with two very distinctive authors. Laura Cooney and L.L. Soares, both amazing authors in their own right, joined forces to write this novella together. As the story is really two different stories being communicated through e-mail, I would imagine that each author took a different persona and wrote back and forth to each other to create the story. There are no chapters per se, just a long list of e-mails, each of which averages two to four pages in length.
While definitely not the best novel of the year so far, I would hazard a guess and say that it is worthy of a few writing awards and award nominations. The Bram Stoker award has already been given to L.L. Soares for his work Live Rage back in 2012, so this novle could easily win a few awards for the premise alone, not to mention the gripping way in which it is told. As the wife slowly descends into madness, I truly feel for her tenuous grip on sanity slipping.
And for all of you reading this, the surprise ending is worth it.
Go out and get a copy of this fine piece of literature today!

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