Saturday, June 7, 2014

Traffic Lights

     Scrambling along the long wire holding up the three traffic lights, the Boggle stopped to sniff the warm night air, its over-sized hands gripping the cord with a titans grip. Looking back, he looked at his hollow tree, and thought of the half-squirrel he had in there, along with the collection of lug nuts he'd been gathering for the last two years. 

     Tonight seemed like a night to add to that collection.
     Crawling along the wire, he stopped just over one of the hanging orange boxes with the three lights. The traffic light, as he'd heard one giant call it, was his key to the lug nuts he so craved. Sliding down the exposed wires until he was standing on top of the box, he pried off the top with his fingers, tossing it down to the blacktop below with a loud clatter. Reaching into his sack that he kept tied with mouse sinew, he pulled out his first tool of the night.
     A Thing-a-jig.
     Long, perhaps four inches, and made of metal with a flat spade for a head, the Thing-a-jig proved useful in opening up the traffic lights interior, allowing the dastardly Boggle access to the lights inner working. Using one hand, the blue skinned, shirtless creature unscrewed three screws from a plate covering vital wires, wires he needed to get to. Pulling the panel off, he tossed it out and down to the street after sniffing it for a few moments. Now he had the wires he needed. Reaching down into the interior, he yanked one wire, a shower of sparks blustering up from the sudden movement.
     Clambering out to where he could look at the light he was in, the Boggle cackled with glee. It was stuck on green.
     Climbing out, the boggle heaved a sigh.
     "Alright," it said to itself. "Two more to go." 

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