Monday, December 28, 2015

Good News Everyone!

     As many of you know, I've written for Dark Moon Digest before and acted as a recurring columnist for Dark Eclipse Magazine when it was in publication for a number of years. Well, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing has taken over Dark Moon Digest while keeping the same Editors. The digest has even upped their pay rate from a flat $10/$15 dollars for stories to a payment of .01/word. While that may not sound like much, it is a huge leap for a press to go to a payment method such as this.
     Speaking with the Editor during a friendly catch-up, she mentioned that they've been inundated with stories since the change, and they only have so many readers to review the stories. This may explain why your stories have not been touched in what seems like a longer than average time; the holidays plus day jobs equals less time to read and edit, let alone select what stories should be added to the next digest.
     But Lori Michelle has said that with things becoming more stable with the passing of the holidays, the next Digest should be out in the first week of January. She's said she'll forward me the cover art so you can admire their artist's skill, but, for now, I'll just link up to the last issue that came out in October. I can say from experience the paperback is better than the Kindle as the weight of the actual book is just nice, as they've grown in size over time. But should you like a mobile way to stow multiple books, the Kindle route is pretty awesome too. The link is in the image below to the Amazon page where you can peruse the latest issues. Grab one if you want to submit for future publications: I know you hear it all the time, but reading what they publish really does paint a vivid picture of what they will accept.
     I love the cover art for the issues, it's always so surreal. They ran out of traditional horror tropes by issue fifteen so they had to start coming up with more "creative" images for the reader to enjoy. This image makes me think of the machines operating in Hell, tormenting damned souls. I know the artist probably would tell me otherwise, but that's just what leaps to mind.
     As for the rest of the week, I'll be updating a few stories that seem to be popular along with continued scary shorts. By Friday, I'll have a treat for you all that I hope long time readers will enjoy. Now if I recall, you can get a subscription to the Digest as well, and for a reasonable amount considering the amount of stories you get per issue.
     Ah, here it is! You pay for three months at a time, 10.95 in a go that is drafted from your PayPal account. You can check it out here. Check it out, the only thing you have to lose is your mind!

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