Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Haunting of Gillespie House: A Preview

     I'm starting this novel now since I finished The Island and want to document my ideas of what will come from this author. From reviews of this story, there should be little chance of me not enjoying the work; it has very few low ratings. Amazon reviews repeatedly state that this author's writing style is something to enjoy and that there are numerous short stories to read from this person's bibliography.
     The gist of this book is that a young woman (Elle) is watching over the Gillespie House and hears scratching noises coming from the walls and doors at night. Searching reveals nothing but research into the house reveals that numerous children have gone missing in the home. Not only that, there are numerous bodies in the backyard from an old graveyard. That's right: there are dead people waiting in the backyard, just for Elle.
     I'm hoping that I don't just see ghosts in this novel, but zombies. I want some good old fashioned zombies to rise from the grave to assault the home and try to eat Elle, and possibly a few friends of hers that come over to keep her company. No need for any shenanigans or hanky-panky, no Ouija Boards or drugs; just pissed off ghosts trying to get vengeance for their stolen lives. Perhaps one of the buried Gillespie's was a serial killer in life and the ghosts are reaching out to exact revenge against the living. Give me the cold-hearted dead that have no desire for mercy, no desire for forgiveness. Just a raw hatred for the living and a desire to make those living suffer and die, so that they can have more "friends to play with" in death.
     I doubt I'll get this. I'm sure the ghosts will be warning her away from some big bad boogeyman that she'll only realize is present when it is too late. I hope this book doesn't take the easy road and go about a haunted house that fits the mold. Screw that! Break the mold!

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