Saturday, June 28, 2014

Post Mortem: Soloman Kane

     A fantasy/Horror movie where Soloman Kane, a bloodthirsty mercenary, wreaks havoc on a monastery where he learns in the treasure room that his soul is doomed for Hell. Fast forward a year, and we find Kane at a church where he has been learning the ways of peace and trying to redeem his soul with an oath of non-violence. They kick him out, stating this place is not a permanent home for him, and he begins wandering.

     Once the story picks up with an evil Sorcerer king, his flesh wearing lieutenant and the possessed soldiers they lead, this movie becomes a fast paced, action packed ride that actually had me at the edge of my seat a number of times.
     A story about good versus evil, there never seems to be any representation of good save for a group of pilgrims and Soloman Kane himself, who is sort of an anti-hero in the fact that he is a mass murderer who has come for repentance. The pilgrims being attacked spurs Soloman Kane into acting and breaking his oath, dooming his soul to Hell for breaking a promise to God.
     I would give this a look over if I found the DVD in a store and actually consider buying it, it was that good. As of right now, Netflix is airing it to me for a nominal fee, so I'll take it as I can.

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