Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Atheists Nightmare Part Four

I kick the crippled one in the face as hard as I’m able, smiling as numerous bones shudder and crack beneath my heel, while I spin the blade from its temporary sheathe, using the sturdy kick to move as gracefully as possible up to my feet. The gospel leader glares at me with her one eye, her black burquas stained from the blood of those she’d already slain.

“Their Lord will shield them from the scourge of Hell. He will say: Eat and drink to your heart’s content!” The one-eyed monster growled at me as she backs away slowly. “This is Allah’s will heathen; remember this!”
“Yeah, well you remember this bit… oh.” I begin to say before three other shambling zombies come from the opened dorm, all wielding sharpened knives or cleavers in their heavily muscled limbs; these boys had been eating!
“Those that deny the truth are truly the vilest within our sight!” The one-eyed bitch cried as she waved her stump in my direction. “Eat to your heart’s content boys!”  
Whipping my sword about to loosen my muscles, I wait for the lumbering corpses to approach me, their eyes full of wicked intent and endless hunger as they eagerly lick their chapped lips. The first to move is a large one, easily a foot taller than me with an extra hundred pounds as well. He stumbles forward drunkenly, waving about a chipped meat cleaver while groaning, his lower jaw unhinging as he prepares to take a bite out of me, a slurred prayer to Allah leaving his lips as he charges.
I step close, elbowing him in the gut to stop his momentum and cause him to clack his jaw closed with a sharp cracking of teeth, before swinging my sword in a wide arc, sinking the sharpened steel into the pulp flesh of his neck and severing his head from his body in as efficient a way as possible.
The other two, both sporting deep gouges and sunken eyes along with large gleaming pieces of cutlery, charge in at the same time, seeing an opening perhaps now that my blade is raised high.
Moving with the momentum of my swing, I let go of my sword and grab the headless giants cleaver wielding hand, which is over my shoulder, and roll forward, throwing him into the two charging undead while snatching the heavy-hilted cleaver for my own use. The two knife-wielding dead can’t even react as several hundred pounds of undead flesh collides with them, knocking them onto their backs, their limbs snapping like dried timber in the winter beneath their comrades prodigious weight.
Reaching down to snatch the hilt of my blade, I swiftly move forward, slicing into the skulls of the two downed ghouls as quickly as I can, preventing them from getting up, before focusing on the one-eyed bitch clutched a blood-spattered Quran to her chest.
She sneers at me with blackened teeth, gore stuck between her enamel and chapped lips as she glares at me openly with her one milky eye. “Wretched heathen! Why resist when you know Allah’s will to be true?”
Okay, this is getting annoying. I move forward slowly, cleaver in one hand and sword in the other. She doesn’t back down, nor does she make any move to try and fight back. Perhaps she’s surrendering?
A sudden roar from the dorm makes me think twice, and forces me to tumble forward to avoid the charge of a grotesquely obese man, his throat chewed away as well as some of his fingers, wearing a bloody World of Warcraft shirt and clutching a baseball bat with a look in his eyes ready to kill.
“Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah heareth and knoweth all things!” The she-corpse shrilly cries, dropping her Quran and pulling a thin filleting knife from her sash. My impromptu tumbling, something I hadn’t practiced in nearly a decade, had left me with only the cleaver as a weapon, and two enemies now towering above me.
The fat zombie howled with rage, a bloody foam frothing from his mouth as he raised his bat high with both hands, ready to begin beating me to death.
Swinging the cleaver into the side of his knee causes him to shudder as his heavy-set frame creaks and protests, but doesn’t stop him from falling down. The bitch moves closer, twirling the knife between her fingers slowly as she eyes me up and down. “I’ll feast on your heart first heathen, to truly see why you reject Allah’s grace!”
That’s enough for me to lunge forward and grab her by her ankles, rolling back with the teetering cannibal prophet, just as the humongous dead brings his bat down with a sickening crack…
Right into the bitch’s head, caving in the right side with a gory display of grey matter and black congealed blood spattering outward. Wrestling the knife away from her now limp hand, and holding her dripping corpse above me as the giant begins hammering at her body to try and get to me, I lash out with the filet knife, hamstringing the leg that I hadn’t used my cleaver on with a quick swipe.
That does it. The muscle snaps from the sudden tension and tears and rips as it rolls back up his calf, the leg giving way as he crumples to the ground, the clatter of the bat ringing on the stone pavement close by. I push the prophets corpse into the giant and begin to crawl away to fetch my sword.
As I rise from the ground, sword now held in a steady hand, I find that the giant isn’t pursuing me. No, he’s merely greedily devouring his mistress’s body, tearing great chunks away as he wordlessly groans around a mouthful of rotted flesh.
“Huh,” I mutter as I look to the sky, numerous pillars of smoke piercing the cold blue sky, “You don’t see that every day.”
Walking up to him, I stab him deep in the head through the temples, placing a foot on his neck to pull the blade free. Surprised at the giants lack of response as I approached, I take the chance and sever the head of the bloodied Moslem woman, just in case she hasn’t been properly handled.
Looking around, I see the open parking lot leading to the entrance of the University, as well as the shambling bodies wandering around aimlessly. I can hear the one Preacher-Man calling out still as more students scream, but that only spurs me on to make a decision faster.
Should I brave the parking lot, or go back and harvest more supplies? I still have the bike and a good deal of food and water, but I don’t really know where I’m headed to.

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