Monday, March 21, 2016

Ghost of O'Leary House Purchases

     Hopefully, those of you that like my work have already purchased a kindle or paperback copy of my debut novel, the Ghost of O'Leary House, if not that link should help you out. If you have purchased a copy and are reading it, do me a favor and leave a review for me on Amazon. That's the lifeblood of indie authors like me, as reviews let people know whether or not a book is good or not.
     Now I plan on releasing Grimlocke Chronicles early May, and Dead and Loving It in August. These two extra works, in conjunction with Ghost of O'Leary House, should help me pay some bills that are long overdue. So do what you can and support an indie author; grab a Kindle copy and read through it. If you're in the San Antonio, Texas area I'm probably going to have a signing in the coming months, so snag a paperback copy to prepare.
     And always review!
     Sweet Dreams folks, I'm retreating into a new story that needs some serious work. Thanks for hanging with me all these years, we're finally clawing up the ranks in the horror world. I hope you all remain with me all the way to the top!

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