Saturday, March 26, 2016

Grimlocke Chronicles Update

     Well, I kinda went nuts and have over forty stories written into the anthology. Because most of my short stories fall between 1500-3000 words, it took some effort to hit 80,000 words. On the plus side, it's as big as most modern-day horror novels, meaning it's 551 pages long. On the downside, it's a fucking book. If you threw this at someone it could constitute a hate crime.
     But my fellow cadavers, fear not! It will be published early May for $19.99 or $2.99 Kindle. I could go higher on the Kindle, but for some reason, it won't let me go lower. Maybe I'm just using Amazon wrong? I'll figure it out, but $2.99 seems fair for over five hundred pages of material.
     The cover has changed slightly, but I like it. Hopefully, you will too.

     I love that freshly carved look the lettering takes, like a serial killer writes or perhaps how a werewolf would mark a tree. It was done by my artist who lives in Norway (I think) and they are very talented. I will be using them for my other books.
     After this one drops, I think I'll drop a vampire novel in August, don't know if it will be the type of gory glory like Blade or the sensual kind like some erotica writers go. Frankly, I'm up for trying both routes. I have two vampire stories are already written that are novel length and can be edited to have sexual situations in them. I would just need to be in the mood to write them...
     After August, I would have an October novel and then a December novel. And to be clear, I have all of these already written and am writing more even as we speak. The rough drafts of some of the novels I post are changed and made into new stories from the feedback I get from you guys.  

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