Monday, March 21, 2016

Vampire Novels

     I have two vampire novels, Dead and Loving It and Love Bites. Both are set in different worlds, one where vampires are commonplace, the other where they remain secret. Now since I want to dip my toe in every type of Horror before I start pumping out novels for the genre I like, I will need to do an adult vampire novel.
     Something a tad bit more than Paranormal Romance, if you catch my drift. I've begun editing Love Bites into a more risque version of itself, which should add about 10,000 words and a lot of adult material. I'll try my hand at standard Paranormal Romance later as I have this story which lends itself well to the adult genre.
     Who knows? Maybe people will really dig my version of sexy vampires?
     Comment with another genre within Horror that I need to touch upon. I have a zombie novel, an occult novel, an old god novel, an anthology, and a ghost novel. Now I need a werewolf and... whatever else I can't think of. For visual stimulus, here is another horror tattoo!

Pretty neat right?

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