Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Art of Fear

            Not a horror story, but more of an analysis on what fear truly is. I’ve commented before in previous publications, but true horror to me is something that is different with each person as it grows, but it all spawns from the same tool.
            Suspense is what separates the good horror from the bad, allowing an author (or director) to craft a scene and plant the seeds of fear in the reader (or viewers) mind. Once planted, the author can manipulate the story however he pleases, so long as he watches his Crop of Fear. If used properly, he can use Suspense to elicit a maximum amount of fear from a reader with minimal effort.
            Here is a fine example of how to use Suspense to create a memorable moment, while also being scary on a psychological level.

            View even if you do not know the game, as the video also shapes and introduces the characters as needed. A perfect showcase on how to use Suspense visually, in my eyes.               

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