Wednesday, October 17, 2012


     As an Atheist/Buddhist, as well as a Historian and aspiring Horror novelist, I never pass up a chance to take a look at the more... esoteric fears that have come to bear in our society. While perusing my blogs and newsreels, I came across this:

     Not bashing upon the young girl's grammatical errors (we all make them), I am actually intrigued by her apparent fear that homosexuality, and the spread of it, will somehow put us at odds with waterfowl. Her apparent disbelief in evolution and lack of understanding in the most basic concepts of biology aside, I feel she was trying to be satirical... but she doesn't know how.
     This is why we need a better education system folks! She either truly believes the ducks (or perhaps some other water born avian) will overtake us because of the Gays or she doesn't know how to write satire. The only piece of this article I didn't find terrifying was the fact the she is homeschooled, something that was a major relief to me.
     It's not the school system that's failing her, it's her parents.
     Thank goodness!

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