Tuesday, October 23, 2012


     As you all know by now I frequent horror movies at almost every opportunity I can get. Well, I wish I had the time wasted watching Sinister back, as the whole film was nothing but a box of re-hashed pop up horror tricks and a ridiculously stupid protagonist that had me rooting for his death within the first half hour of the film.
     I can think of a dozen films that this one has stolen bits and pieces from, creating a true Frankenstein of a horror film, which in my eyes, was about as terrifying as the original Frankenstein in the early thirties. The plot is one that I think every writer has at least partially created at one point or another. In fact, sitting on my hard drive is a story quite similar to Sinister that I've yet to post out of shame.
     Save yourself some money and just wait for this one to come out on Netflix. Just grab any five horror movies you own and watch them back to back and you'll essentially get the same effect. Except there might be some decent acting involved.

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  1. Thanks for the warning. Kind of had low expectations for this one based on the previews, and evidently the movie lived down to these. See you around the hop.