Monday, November 12, 2012

Dark Eclipse Magazine

     Dark Eclipse Seventeen is available for all Kindle users out there drifting about this sea of life, just dying for a good bit of literature. For a mere $1.99, you can read several short tales of terror, read up on several good new novels and stories alike through the editorial staff's reviews (including my own reviews of what I consider to be some of the better "popular" authors within our delightful genre), as well as a delightful tribute and study of one of my personal influences, H.P. Lovecraft!

     Go on then, go get a copy! Help breathe a fresh breath of life into the horror industry and support those that truly understand the meaning of fear.

     As for me, I'll just go back to my own scribblings here in the dark. I have much to write and so little time for you all to read it all. For example, have any of you picked up the latest copy of the Digest like I have? I particularly enjoy the ending to "Wolf in Chains" myself, and "Orbital Decay" was frightfully fresh!

     Ah well, I digress... back to the pit for me. You know what they say... "No rest for the wicked!"

     Sweet Dreams

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