Friday, November 9, 2012

Upon Dark Wing

Upon Dark Wing
That which has haunted my dreams for a fortnight or more,
Pale of flesh and gleaming red eyes which bore,
Jaunting along walls, inhuman movements terrifying to behold,
Has finally come to claim that which has been sold

Crimson dead eyes dance long my supine frame
As if seeking which part first to claim
My tender meat and warm blood it does desire
But it visibly curbs such wants due to a higher power

“You know why,” its says, the words cutting my mind like a knife
“That tonight is the last night of your miserable life?”
And know well I do, I happily admit,
That tonight will be the night of my final exit

“Will I see her? Will she be there?” I croak to inquire,
“Will she be with me, in the Heavenly Choir?”
The creature’s eyes grow wide, teeth a silvery gleam
A horrid dark chuckle rumbling from its throat and it starts to sing.

“She burns as well as the rest.” It sings soothing my worries.
“For her sins done in life, the flames bury her with unholy fury.”
The Beast now looms overhead, arms stretched out as if to embrace
And I find myself leaning in, the cold of death breathing soft on my face.
“So long as she burns, than all shall be well.
Take me dear Angel, for my fears have been quelled.”
Cradled like a child to chilled breast,
Hugging me close with no protests,
The Angel takes flight upon rotted black wing
The fell chill of death now stilling my joyous heart,
Dragging my soul to where the Seraphim still sing.

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