Saturday, December 29, 2012

Netflix Movies Worth Watching

     Even I like to take time every now and again and relax to a good thrillerama, especially now that I'm so often away from home now. This is where Netflix comes in; with their instant streaming option, I have the ability to watch movies wherever I am, be it from my phone or my computer. I tend to enjoy the darker horror movies, but every once in a while I like a good dark romp that is equally funny as it is terrifying. This of course requires a bit of research on my part, something that I am glad to share with those who grace my little dark hole on the internet.
     I Sell The Dead is a British horror/comedy about a pair of grave robbers that have begun to literally find and sell the undead. While delightfully fresh in many regards, it goes so far as to pull cliches from the horror genre, if only to mock and make fun of. With a surprise appearance by Ron Perlman (from Hellboy) as a priest interrogating one of the grave robbers before he is to be executed, the entire movie is full of well versed characters. Have a look.

     Tucker and Dale vs Evil  is another quality piece that is more comedy than horror. Two hapless and good-hearted hillbillies encounter a group of promiscuous teens, the latter of which look at the prior with a good deal of suspicion. Hilarious to a fault, its horror mixed with a good deal of three stooges like antics, mixed with enough dry humor to make it a worthwhile watch. While the acting isn't the best, it is quality work in more ways than one, and more than makes up for its few faults with its terribly funny moments.
     Both films are worth a watch, especially when one is suffering from a bout of insomnia on a cold winter's night. I for one suffer far too many of these evenings myself, so movies such as this are a welcome change of pace in between scream-a-thons.
     While you check them out, I'll be cobbling together the next terror tale for all of you fine readers.
     Sweet Dreams      

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