Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Interlude

     Perhaps one of my favorite foreign performers, Tim Minchin is an amazing musician that writes and performs songs that really make you think, or at the very least laugh. Now he tends to be a tad bit controversial over here in the states due to his rather, ahem, secular songs.

     I'm not a fan of religion in general, so I find this funny. As a Historian, I've found that religion is perhaps the most destructive and divisive ideas that we as a race have created when compared to every other idea or action. It's taken more lives than any war, and claimed more than a millennia of scientific thought and inquiry.
     I'm not saying that religion is all bad either, before the religious readers become overly-zealous; Some good has been done in the name of God, and that's great! But almost none of that good could only be accomplished by religion. Secular groups can do the acts of good just as easily as the religious groups.
     That's why I'm an Atheist I suppose.

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