Monday, April 1, 2013

Darkmoon Digest #11

     Another frightful tome of mayhem and mischief, with a lead story from your truly. An older tale from the darker reaches of my archives, one I simply call "Sinister Fruit".
     A story of the old American south... plantations, slavery and the like. But unlike most tawdry tales from that era, this one involves a monster of biblical proportions! Check it out here to find out more.
     As for how the site is headed, I'm going to be alternating between stories, seven or eight parts released in a period of time before a few short stories to liven these old bones up, before moving onto continuing the next of my many macabre manuscripts, just waiting to be read!
     Stick around, add me as a favorite to your taskbar and check back every few days... I always have something new bubbling up from the black mire of my mind just waiting to scare you! 

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