Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Oldie, But a Goodie

     You surprise me, you know that? I asked you to survive for thirty-seven days and you make it well and beyond my wildest hopes. So far, as of today, your'e at forty-one days. Forty-one! Can you believe it?
     I know I can't.

     I wonder how you've lasted for so long? I'd ask, but seeing as I removed your tongue on day thirteen, I'd be wasting my time. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep you however, as you are simply running out of body parts for me to cook up and sluice into your feeding tube.
     I used your husband for a while, keeping him on cold storage and cutting away slabs to dice and cook, but he's too far gone for me to use now. You only have one arm left, and after your little "episode" when I was removing the other one I'd rather not try to take your last limb. So I've been forced to come to a grueling decision that needs your consultation. 
     I want to continue the experiment and see how long I can keep you alive. I know, you aren't too happy to hear me say that. No need to struggle, I know you're too weak to really do anything other than moan at this point. What I was considering was upping the ante a little, so to speak.
     Now I know I told you that I would release your children the day after you died, and I wish with all my might that I could keep that promise... but you see little Anna saw my face. She escaped from her room and bumped into me when I was dissecting the leg of another captive.
     Now I can't let her go.
     I know, now please calm down. There's no need to thrash about like that! This is partially your fault as a parent, you know. If you'd taught her to obey her elders then she wouldn't be in this mess.
     Now as a general rule I don't practice my art on children. They rarely last long and resist every step of the way. So you don't have to worry, little Anna won't be hanging by her wrists like you and be slowly cut up for sustenance. No, that would be barbaric.
     A rare bit of insight into my life... where we are located is an old property I purchased back in the late eighties, out in the foothills of Texas. One thing that people in Texas are wholly unaware of, and rarely speak of, are the wild boar that roam the countryside, in great packs.
     Well I corralled a pack, and keep them placid by feeding them a regular diet of human. They get fed at least five times a week, either fresh kills, like you will be eventually, or old corpses used for other purposes, like your husband. But for all intents and purposes, you all end up in the gut of the wild, flesh-eating pigs of the Texas outback.
     This is the fate of little Anna. I will send her down a corpse chute directly into their pen tonight. She won't last a minute with them, the razorbacks throwing themselves into her tiny frame, cracking her bones and rupturing her organs. And there won't be anything left of her by dawn save for animal droppings, and a bloody smear on the wall.
     Now, I am willing to forego this gruesome task if you do one favor for me. I have left you with an arm, your dominant one, and an eye, so you can see. You have no tongue and I've removed your teeth for my own personal collection. So the only way you can communicate is through written correspondence... the problem with that is that if I give you a pen, you might try and end yourself.
     And nobody would blame you! Just as nobody would blame me for sending your body careening down that chute and lashing Anna and Sarah up in your place. I could test to see how many independent machines I could put them on after removing vital organs, to see how long they lived. Or I could test the various poisons I employ on them, in minute samples of course, to see what had the more desired effects.
     Needless to say, for someone like me, I can make sure I get some mileage out of your daughters.
     But, and I say this with a solemn pledge, I do not want to. The key to their survival is in your hands... hand... heh, sorry. I will give you a pen and a notebook, and you will write down a list of relatives, ten names with cities and states. They must all be direct blood kin to you, and preferably not elderly or children. Give me this, and I will merely keep Anna locked away with her sister.
     Now if you can't think of ten relatives, feel free to add names to the list of people you like. Or hate. Just people who are healthy, or seem so. I need more bodies for my hobby, and bodies are hard to come by. And with the way you've persevered through all of this, why, anyone of your relation would most definitely be of interest to me.
     So, what do you say madam? Shall you give me a grocery list for my shopping, or should I just take the two plump turkeys lurking within my home as my next victims?

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