Sunday, May 25, 2014

Post Mortem: Jennifer's Body

     When this movie first came out, I didn't see it. Not because I thought it would be a bad film, there were just better ones around. I figured I would see it one day and see if I liked it then.

     The story is told from the point of view of Needy (Amanda Seyfried) who is best friends with Jennifer (Megan Fox). They go to a bar where a city band is playing and the whole place burns down, leading Jennifer to go into a daze and join the band in their van. Needy tries to get her to come home with her instead, but Jennifer chooses to ignore her pleas and go anyway.
     The story unfolds into a slightly original twist where the band wants to make a pact with the devil by sacrificing a virgin, who is Jennifer in this case. Problem is, she isn't a virgin. So the deal is done and instead of a virgins soul being taken to Hell, a demon possesses her body, forcing her to eat the flesh of the living to remain strong enough to continue on in her unholy existence. 
     The fire makes national news, as does the death of a local linebacker who was found in the woods torn to pieces by a wild animal (Jennifer's second grisly meal). She goes on a rampage (if you can call it that) by killing and eating a goth kid and preparing to eat Needy's boyfriend. They get in a conflict where Jennifer is injured but slinks away and Needy goes home to prepare to strike her in her lair, aka her bedroom at her parents house. Another fight ensures, during which Jennifer bites Needy but ultimately looses when a knife is driven into her heart.
     The last section of the movie is where we find out Needy, who is in solitary confinement at a correctional facility, has absorbed some of Jennifer's hellish powers, such as flight, and breaks out of jail. She finds the sacrificial knife the band used on Jennifer and flags down a car asking to head East, to catch the bands "last show".
     As a movie, it was pretty original for what the premise was. The special effects weren't overdone and the suspense was kept at a low simmer the entire movie, making for some cheap scares and tense scenes. A lot of moments where you wanted to shout out to the screen "don't do that!"
     As always, they never listen and go against your advice anyway.
     The plot is seamless, no holes being left open for a sequel really, and there are no unanswered questions to speak of. No plot holes or gaps that are unaccounted for, just an all around B movie that is an enjoyable watch. I recommend it for people who like horror, but not grotesque, over the top toe tinglers.
     Sweet Dreams

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