Monday, May 5, 2014

Site Update

     The lack of updates in the following week or two is due to a few reasons, so I must apologize in advance. But let me take a chance to explain myself before you tighten the noose around my neck.
     First, I'm currently pushing my novel like a drug peddler on different literary agents to see who can represent me in my hopes of getting published as a novelist. This is a venture that I have been working on for the last two months, but now that I have polished my work to a finer shine I am confident in sending out query letters.
     Second, I am going to be in a few new anthologies coming up. Demonic Visions Four will be coming out in June with a never before seen story of mine, while I will also be published in Sulfurings, a biblical anthology depicting what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah after they were smote from the heavens. This too contains a story that I uniquely crafted for the anthology, so when it is available I will post it up so you can have a read.
     Third, I'm going to begin restocking my personal tomes of new works, works meant for publishers eyes only. I will update the site with new tidbits now and again, but I need to add to my volumes before I can even think of posting like I have been. Post Mortem and other reviews will happen on a regular basis.
     Thank you for your consideration in this matter, and as always,
     Sweet Dreams

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