Saturday, November 1, 2014

Coffin Hop 2014 Epilogue

     The Ghoul dropped into his newly-gifted throne-like chair, heaving a sigh. From her place hanging over the desk, and him, the Editor watched as the Ghoul picked up a piece of parchment.

     "What a party!" The Editor crowed, her arm lying on the desk giving a thumbs up to the Ghoul, who merely waved it away.
     "It could have gone better I think, but it certainly was a scream, I'll give you that." The Ghoul picked up his quill, dipping it into the inkpot carefully before scribbling out a few notes for himself.
     "What are you writing?" The Editor asked, unable to see the motions of his hands.
     "A note for myself to begin doing some maintenance around this place. Now that the graveyard is without little-miss-witch, I might be able to get some supplies. Maybe even a new coffin!"
     "So you're not mad at the Maestro for what he did?" The Editor sounded curious.
     "I'm not happy that he risked the balance of where I live, but it all worked out in the end. If it hadn't, I'd just seal up my tomb and find a new place to lurk for the years to come."
     "Where did he go? He never returned to the party after dealing with Stephanie."
     "Where he goes few dare to tread, so I imagine Stephanie is having a lovely time getting used to her new occupation as an ethereal being."
     The Ghoul leaned back in his throne, setting the quill and parchment down. "It's a shame I was only able to help those kids out by talking to them. If I knew how to do what the Maestro had done, this would have been performed a long time ago. Though it is a shame to see that old clodhopper Lucius lose his head over all of this."
     "You knew him?" The Editor was surprised.
     "Of course! I supplied the mystical supports and books that made his business so successful back when he first started out."
     "You were his old partner?"
     "But of course! Why else do you think I get my own mausoleum when the other brain-eaters get graves? We both chose our path, mine just involved one less angered fairy."
     "Do you have anything that you need to watch out for?" The Editor asked, sounding a tad worried.
     "Ah-ah, that would be telling! Besides, nobody knows about me here, so what's to worry about?"
     "You just had an open house party for the who's-who of your twisted little world. I'm surprised a damned vampire didn't show up!"
     "I only know a few vampires, and they're far too busy to come to my little soiree. Besides, they'd have to find their own food. I don't keep bodies warm enough to drink from, and they prefer their beverages warm rather than cold."
     "You know, you never did finish those stories we talked about."
     "That's because, my dear lady, you are merely an editor. If I'd dubbed you Editor-in-Chief, then I might take your suggestions a bit more heartedly."
     "You're mean..." Editor sighed, swinging back and forth from her position high above him.
     "Part of the job my dear, part of the job..." 

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