Wednesday, November 12, 2014

V/H/S Viral: Something Sickening This Way Comes

     I went ahead and rented this fun little trip into Bloody Disgusting's imagination and I can honestly say I'm not utterly disappointed. Keep in mind that this is the third in a series, which rarely bodes well for a franchise in general, let alone one from a production company that is so unknown.

     The series is about someone always finding a copy of a VHS tape and playing it, only to see something completely and utterly horrifying. In the first, a group of teenagers is breaking into a house to steal a certain tape. In the second, they have a pair of detectives break into the house of a man, looking for him. They instead find the videos being played.
     In this one, they play the videos as they're being streamed onto the wireless network. Three stories come up and introduce new topics that had yet to be touched by horror movies in general.
     In the first, we follow a haunted magicians cloak that makes a mediocre trickster into someone that puts Chris Angel to shame. The cloak allows him to pull people through space and time, transfer rabbits around, and even move a couple in the audience across the country during the show. The sinister underpinnings of this marvelous power is that the cloak hungers for living flesh, which the magician provides on numerous occasions, filming each murder for his own amusement.
     The second story is a story of a man looking to create a portal to another universe. On one of his countless attempts, he has a breakthrough and succeeds! He finds a mirror universe where his clone has been doing the same thing as he, trying to break through space and time. The two men agree to cross over into each others dimension for ten minutes, and they quickly find the differences. The chief among them is the alternate universe is Satanic, and the people hold monstrous genitalia that can bite and eat their lovers. I'll leave the rest of that imagery to you and your imagination.
     The final story is about a group of skateboarders looking to become the next Jackass stars, who decide to go to Tijuana to buy fireworks and perform their wicked stunts in an empty ditch. They of course find the ditch easily enough as it has a large pentagram with bones in the middle painted on the ground. They are soon joined by a mysterious woman, and her undead servants, who attack the teens, trying to kill them for unknown reasons. The end is worth waiting for so I'll not spoil it, but it is worth watching.
     The central story that ties all of this together is of a man chasing down an ice cream truck driving through the city, in hopes of getting a good camera shot of the police chase so that they can "make it big" by selling the footage to a news station. The story unfolds in a twist that you couldn't pry from my cold dead lips, but it is a guaranteed piece of plot humor that will bring a smile to your face,

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