Sunday, December 14, 2014

Demonic Visions: Fifty Horror Tales Book Five

     Merry Christmas from my grave to yours, dear readers. I see that many of you have been busy shopping for the perfect gift for a special someone... and why not? Tis the season after all... so with all the work you've put into your own good deeds, why not see the foul deeds between the covers of a new Demonic Vision?

    Displaying DV5 KINDLE COVER CROSS 2014.jpg
    Jingle in Hell, Jingle in Hell, Jingle all the way!
    Gruesome, isn't it? Well so are the stories written in the eBook, which can be found online within the next few hours as an eBook, and as a paperback within the week! So sit a spell and have a read... you never know, maybe your dreams will take on a new type of Merry after a few stories.

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