Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shrieks and Shivers is Here!

     The new anthology by Jeani Rector (of the Horror Zine) is here and ready to be ordered/purchased. There's a kindle version as well as a paperback version so feel free to choose either one. Though if I were you I would purchase sooner rather than later, as we have a discounted release price up right now.

     How I fell into this anthology was funny; I originally sent in a story for the Horror Zine to run, but Jeani rejected it as it didn't fit a theme for the issue at hand. In the rejection letter she asked if she could hold onto it for an anthology she was putting together. I agreed and slapped the file in the folder of accepted works and forgot all about it. Fast forward four months and I'm getting edit requests and mass e-mails concerning how we are going to market the new tome of terrors.
     That was when it became real to me. 
     There are only a few presses that have my set loyalty for how they treat their writers. Dark Moon Books, The Horror Zine, and Dead but Dreaming magazine are the three groups that I will always right for at the drop of a hat. I've been published by several other imprints and agencies, but I've developed a lasting relationship with these three. I hope to hear from you about whether or not you enjoyed the stories within Shrieks and Shivers. Be sure to leave a review for it on Amazon if you get it fromn there.
     Until then, 
     Sweet Dreams 

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