Sunday, February 15, 2015

Halloween Party Part One

Allie looked at her phone, checking the time. “Ugh, it’s already nine. What are you two doing in there that’s taking so long?”
“We’re almost done!” Angie chirped from within the walk-in closet
“Just a minute!” Deedee called back as well.
Allie rolled her eyes and moved over to sit on one of the twins beds, crossing her feet at the ankles. Dressed as a witch, Allie had taken the whole Girls-dress-slutty-for-Halloween and decided it wasn’t for her. Not that she was against a girl dressing however she pleased, it just wasn’t for her. She whistled as she watched Deedee and Rose emerge from the closet, thinking of how they obviously didn’t follow Allie’s line of thinking.
Angie was dressed in a full leather cat suit that squeaked as she moved, the plastic leather rubbing against itself as she moved. A rolled up whip at her side along with sewn in long fingernails gave her a very domineering look in addition to the raw sexuality that a skin tight leather suit brought. Deedee was dressed in a white shirt and skirt with red boots and a red cape, with a large chest window cut out revealing creamy white cleavage, Deedee stumbled out of the closet, wrapping her blonde hair into a long ponytail as she blew some bubblegum into a large pink bubble.
“Girl, stop that,” Angie said, backing away from Deedee and her bubblegum balloon. “That better not pop and get stuck in my hair!”
Deedee popped the balloon and scooped it back up with her tongue before she resumed chewing. “You need to lighten up.”
“And you both need to grow up! Look at you, you’re going to have every college boy on campus drooling over you!” Allie said.
Deedee looked at Allie with a puzzled expression. “Isn’t that the point?”
Angie just laughed. “What Allie means Deedee is that you should stop having one-night stands and maybe focus on your studies more than the boys?”
Allie nodded while Deedee puffed out her cheeks in annoyance. “I make my B’s and C’s so I’m doing just fine, thank you!”
Allie raised her hands in defense. “I’m just saying you could be doing better. Life isn’t one big party you know.”
“Well tonight it is,” Angie said with a grin, moving to the window of their sorority house. Pulling back a curtain, she could see girls milling on the front lawn in a variety of sexy costumes, all waiting for the big Kappa Kappa Sigma fraternity party to start. Several cars were parked along the street, some with people inside. Allie moved to the window and looked out over the darkened lawn and just made out Monica and her dumbass duo, all dressed as bumble bees, loading themselves into a car.
Angie caught Allie’s sigh. “What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know if I want to go if Monica the bitch is going to be there,” Allie said, looking away from the window as the car pulled away from the streets edge and slowly made its way down the lane towards the fraternity house.
Deedee smiled and just patted Allie on the hand. “I can understand that, getting you kicked out of your class for supposedly cheating.”
“The professor wouldn’t even listen… I’m sure Monica paid him off somehow,” Allie said. Angie just shook her head while Deedee made obscene slurping noises. “It doesn’t matter anyway, I got a C in the class, and even though it lowered my GPA my scholarships are still good.”
“Then what’s there to worry about?” Deedee asked cheerfully. “The Kappa’s have a big house, I doubt you’ll even see each other.”
“I hope not.” Allie said, adjusting her witches hat and smoothening out her robes. “You girls ready to go?”
The Kappa house was an old building, dating back to the early nineteenth century as a sugar plantation. The polished wood and graceful statues still stood as a testament to time (and well spent money), with light illuminating the statues that poured water into a fountain ringed by Jack-o-Lanterns. The maiden who poured the largest urn, dubbed “the Weeping Widow” even had a witches hat perched on her head.
Pulling the car up to park behind a large truck, Allie popped the safety into gear and unlocked the car doors before stepping out into the brisk October air. Someone in the distance shouted the fraternities name, earning a round of hoots from all of the pledges. Allie walked along, her heavy robes swishing the grass that her high heels brought her above, before being accosted by three young men.
“Evening Miss!” One, a skeleton with a  hoodie, addressed her, stepping into her path.
“We’re pledges with the Kappa Kappa Sigma house, and we were wondering if you’d contribute to our bounty this year, allowing us a chance to party without having to worry about finding the last item on our scavenger list.”
Looking over the skinny man in a clown suit, she turned to the final member of the trio, a man dressed in Amish clothing.
“Oooh, what do you need?” Deedee asked from Allie’s side.
“Just your panties,” the skeleton said happily.
“You can take them off inside and give them to us, we’ll wait outside the bathroom door.” The clown offered.
“And what do we get out of this?” Allie asked, crossed her arms and looking quite irate at the three for approaching them.
“The everlasting gratitude of the Kappa house?” The Amish man ventured, wincing at Allie’s icy stare.
“Get away, all of you.” Allie growled before Deedee reached under her skirt and slid off her panties one leg at a time. “Deedee! Not in public!”
“What? It’s not like anyone could see anything.” Deedee waved off Allie’s concern before swinging her thong on her index finger. To the boys, she winked and smiled. “Whoever brings me a drink first gets them.”
All three suddenly rushed into the house, pushing each other out of the way in order to fetch her requisite drink. Deedee turned and eyed Angie and Allie. “You just need to know how to handle them is all, boys are all the same.”

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