Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Book Review: The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

     I love the internet, and Amazon, in particular, as I can just download a book in seconds where it ould have taken days to order when I was younger. Plus it means I can stay in my cool little crypt and not face this damnable Texas heat! Ah well, I'm getting off track.

     For those of you that are Stephen King fans, remember that television movie Rosered that aired some fifteen years ago? Well, they published a diary of one of the ghosts within the walls of that psychic mansion right when the film was released. I never read it as my slush pile of reading material is big enough as it is. I finally saw it again this morning and ordered it for my Kindle, and have given it the thirty minutes required to read it.
     Not written by Stephen King himself, this tale is of a young woman who marries John Rimbaur, a wealthy oil tycoon who cheats on her regularly. They go on a worldwide honeymoon where she meets her spiritual sister Sukeena after coming down with some disease that "afflicts both men and women". John is sick for a small time, but his young wife is sick longer, and waivers between life and death where she makes a bargain with the unholy powers that be, vowing to keep construction of Rosered, their mansion built on ground where blood has been spilled. That, in fact, is where the name of the building comes from: Rosered, the color of a working man's blood.
     The book is written from a semi-educated woman's perspective and tells of a tawdry life of romance turned sour as her life slowly becomes consumed with her passion, which is expanding on the house. She creates fanciful rooms and monstrous hallways with hidden doors and tricks of the eye that only the truly skilled can perceive.
     Well written, this is an evenly paced book that could have used a dash more suspense, but because of the narration that was hard to produce. I suggest that if you liked the TV movie you buy this book and give it a read. It only takes a short while, and the imagery is sublime. 

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