Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oh the Drudgery...

     Hello again all you out there! I can see you through the darkness of the web and know right now you're wondering where the stories have been. Well, they've been stuck, sorry to say, as I work on a few other pieces I'm actually selling, so bear with my lack of updates.
     On the homefront over here, my crypt is being worked on. Yes, there's a man that comes a little too close each day to dig away at the earth near my crumbling foundation, laying down piping to keep the waters from flooding down into my lair every time it rains. And San Antonio has been getting a lot of rain... still, I'm hardly a fan of people working in or around my home.
     That's why I'm getting an air conditioner installed today.
     I can see how that last sentence confused you. The wife, the demoness that she is, needs to be kept cool lest she burn the furniture, and our ten-year-old air conditioner was rusted all the way through. So I called up the local repair man, who promptly offered to either fix it or replace it.
     Seeing as the prices were close, I chose to have it replaced fully, so that I can get a better warranty and not have to worry about this further down the road.
     You'll be getting two updates, not counting this one, this week; so be prepared and try not to get too excited.
     Sweet Dreams

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