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Interview with Laurence O'Bryan

Laurence O’Bryan is the author of a series of adventure novels published by Harper Collins and translated into 10 languages.

You’ve probably not heard about them.

1) How did you become an author? What motivated you and what made you decide that this was the life for you?

I wanted to be an author from about the age of 10. I was an avid reader and used to tell stories to my friends on our street in Dublin. One day, I knew, I would write stories. It took me many years to get started, but I have been writing almost every day since mid 2,000, sixteen years now.

2) What inspires you to write. I notice you have multiple novels so, if you could, give me a little bit of history on what you did to get the ink flowing for some of them.

History and the shocking things that are happening around us inspire me to write. My first

published novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, opens with a man being kidnapped from his hotel in Istanbul, taken to an underground room and beheaded.

I wanted to let readers feel what it might be like to have such a terrible thing happen to them. I wanted also to allow my reluctant hero, Sean Ryan, to discover he has to fight for what is right and to save the people he loves.

3) Do you have a project underway? If so, could we possibly get a sneak peek as to what we'll be seeing when it comes out?

I am launching The Nuremberg Puzzle right now. It arrives 14th April 2016. This is an exciting moment for me.

I am waiting to find out what readers think of this contemporary adventure story about Sean

Ryan traveling to Nuremberg, where he meets a friend, who tells him that fascists are growing in power again in Germany.  Then, within hours, she is murdered, grotesquely.

The story unfolds into a search for evidence of Vatican complicity in the rise of Adolf Hitler.

What readers think of that is also of great interest to me.

4) How do you come up with your characters? I know many authors struggle to come up with names. Where do yours originate from?

Names are difficult. I use internet searches of first and last names. I have tried obituary columns and author names on the spines of books I own as well.

5) Do you have any underlying themes in your work that we should be aware of? 

One of my themes is about revealing things that have been hidden for a long time. The other is the search for true love. Perhaps they are two sides of the same coin.

6) What is your most recent addition to the literary world? Tell us about it?

The previous novel in this series was The Jerusalem Puzzle. Here is the Amazon description for that novel:

An archaic manuscript contains a secret, one that could change the world …The second in the series, from the author of The Istanbul Puzzle.

Behind Lady Tunshuq’s Palace in the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem, archaeologist, Max Keiser, has been found dead.

In the same city, Doctor Susan Hunter who was translating an ancient script discovered in Istanbul, is missing.

With his girlfriend Isabel Sharp, Sean Ryan is about to piece together the mystery of his colleague

Max’s death and Susan’s disappearance. But as they explore the ancient and troubled city, they soon find themselves drawn into a dangerous and deadly game of fire.

A taut thriller in the tradition of Dan Brown and Robert Harris.

7) I've seen you on Twitter; do you have any other ways we can follow you so that we can keep up to date on your publishing?

My website is: My Facebook page is:

8) Out of all your novels, which was the hardest to write and why?

The Istanbul Puzzle was the hardest, as it was the first. I had to come up with the characters, the plot and the main ideas for the series. It took about seven years in total. I also had to edit it a couple of times for my publisher. I worked seven days a week for a few months at the end, despite all the work that had gone before.

9) Out of all your novels, which one do you like the most? Which one brings a smile to your face?

I don’t have a preference. I like each for different things, Istanbul for the setting, Jerusalem for the religious aspects, Manhattan for the bankers getting their due, and Nuremberg for how it reveals some of the shocking secrets of our past.

10) Finally, what can we expect in the future from you? What genre's do you expect to take a crack at?

I will be working on a similar series in 2016. It’s about a plot to destroy a new form of medicine, and the way vulnerable women can be exploited to death.

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