Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer Scares and Ghost of O'Leary House

     Summer Scares is a thing I'll be running every month up until September where I give away ten ebooks per contest. With my new release coming out soon it should make things easier to alternate between the two. This'll help fans of horror/paranormal novels to find a new source of entertainment. I've also entered a number of events where my book will be judged, allowing me to see how certain panels of authors like my book. Seeing as the reviews all point to a 4.8 out of 5.0 that should make for a really interesting read for them, albeit a quick one.
     As for my book Ghost of O'Leary House, I have a short story in the Grimlocke Chronicles about it that answers a few questions while raising a few more. Since I've decided to do a sequel it behooves me to do these extra stories and tie-ins during anthologies so that I can give some back story. The whole experience will create a better curve of understanding assuming that readers get a copy of each one of my works.

     Ghost of O'Leary House has two things going on with it right now that'll get solved any day now. This new cover, and yes the above picture is a link to the book, conveys a more paranormal/horror vibe to the story that I really wanted people to feel. Love the artwork.
     Finally, I have the contest to win a free ebook copy of the book going on right now, so click the link and try your luck!

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