Monday, April 25, 2016


     Alright, we have some things to go over so listen up! Just released my new anthology, Grimlocke Chronicles.
As you can see it already has one review at the time of this writing, and I'm looking for folks who want this book and will review it. So go on over and grab a kindle copy today so you can read it and see just how scary I can be! The image to the right is indeed the link to the sales site, so just click away!
     Starting Tuesday the 26th, for one week my novel, Ghost of O'Leary House, will be .99 cents in honor of my anthology being released. So you can buy it and read it from your computer, your tablet, your Kindle... whatever you choose to read it from.
     I've begun work on an interlude book for the Ghost of O'Leary House series that would be perhaps 20-30000 words long. It would detail the changes that have happened in David's life and set up the challenges he'll face in the sequel (O'Leary Bloodlines). This'll bridge the gap between both stories and create a smoother transition.
      Finally, I have a contest going on where if you enter you can win a free electronic copy of The Ghost of OI'Leary House. You can enter here!
     That is all my friends, that is all. But keep in mind I'll be working on some more novels for the summer and coming Fall. So keep an ear out!

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