Friday, June 3, 2016

The Horror of Health

     Well, I'm almost thirty-one now and my doctors have been telling me to get into shape. It's a little sad how far I've gone down hill but I am taking control of my diet and beginning an exercise regimen that my leg will allow. Mainly a slow walk around the neighborhood is the goal, but since my legs nerve still feels like I'm getting electrified every few moments, I'll settle for a slow walk around my condominiums.
     As for diet, I've begun eating oatmeal in the morning with my coffee, sans sugar. I use an Agave honey substitute that acts as a sweetener and is a natural sugar, so easier on the body. No milk in the oatmeal, nor butter. I'll be adding fruit once I get some. I'll be getting low-sodium V8's and drinking one of those a day while also cooking meals primarily made of vegetables.
     The only meat I plan on using is chicken, which I'll bake before cutting up to add to the meals. I make stir fry (water, no oil) with carrots, tofu, broccoli, diced onion, and asparagus. It sounds disgusting, but it's pretty good.
      My main vice is my addiction to soda, which I'll begin weaning myself from until my birthday. As a present to myself, I'm hoping I can give them up permanently. I'm going to go back to herbal teas and coffee, with a few glasses of water a day.
     I hope to drop a significant amount of weight by my birthday. If I can do that, I'll hopefully be able to have my medication work on me in a more effective fashion.
     Now, as this is a horror site I'll leave you with a horror movie trailer chock full of suspense.

Sweet Dreams...

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