Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Coming Soon...

     Well, I'm slated to be published in three anthologies this Fall/Winter, which will be a treat as the cooler seasons are when the book sales really happen. I know I'll be published in an anthology by Jaded Publications in early October, as well as a Siren's Call anthology called What Dwells Beneath. Both contain stories that I've not shared with you as they're a little messed up in nature, so be sure to nab a copy when they come out. The third anthology is a little fuzzy in my mind right now, as per my meds kicking my memory around like a football. But rest assured, there will be blood!
     As for novels, I published Dead and Proud of It early. I'd planned on releasing it on my birthday on August 29th. But I'd finished it and given it a polish and said what the hell, and sent it to publication for you all to enjoy. I plan on releasing a dark fantasy novel at the beginning of October, The Hunters of the Dead: The Witches War. This will highlight the Ravens, a paramilitary group that serves as a branch of the Catholic church (at times) and hunts the Damned, demons and other otherworldly creatures, and Lost Souls, undead creatures that prowl the night. It's not your standard fantasy piece as there are no Elves or Dwarves, and all of the magic is considered dark in general, even if it heals wounds or helps people. It takes place in the Wetterstein Mountains during the early days of the Holy Roman Empire, basically an alternate universe of Earth where the supernatural is natural.
     The next novel after that will be a vampire erotica novel (I said I would try each branch of the horror world and I damn well mean it). It's done but I'm editing it as I don't like certain scenes. This one will NOT be for children, and will be advertised as such. It gives another look at vampires in my world, as the main character would be considered a Fang by sheer accident. This'll create a new branch of my world as the Dead serve her (no necrophilia or bestiality) while she solves the mystery of attackers against the undead community. I'm thinking the beginning of December or the middle of January, depending on my other publication prospects.
     Then, three months after that book comes The Father of Flesh, which is about eighty percent done. This one will define the gods of my world and invite you all into a whirlwind adventure against the servants of a dark god that has long slumbered, but might just be stirring awake.
     That should bring me to somewhere around April or May of 2017 for my novels. During the downtime, I'll be working on short stories for anthologies and more novels. This'll make certain I have work for you to read for years to come!
     Some novels that I have in the pipeline that I've been worked on a little include a zombie novel, the sequel to Ghost of O'Leary House, and a tale concerning a special spirit known the world over as he appears during Ouija board games. I also have some prompts for my next four novels after I've burned through everything mentioned. If I have them all ready sequentially I should be good throughout 2017 and maybe into 2018.
     If you want another anthology from me, such as a Grimlocke Chronicles II, then I'll need to see some more sales of the book (eBook preferably as it is more affordable). The anthology took a good chunk of my backlog and I've been stuck writing stories daily now to try and stick to the upkeep of my site. No complaints, just it's a lot of writing (I'm averaging around 6000 words a day).

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