Saturday, November 24, 2012

Movies To Die For

     For those of you who live and breathe the sweet nectar of Netflix, let me clue you in on a few good scream worthy flicks I've found whilst digging through their mountain of movies. This is about their online streaming of course, as normal Netflix providers can simply seek these tales of terror on their mailing list, which I suggest all the same.
     The Devil's Rock  is by far one of the most unexpected and entertaining dark horror films I've seen in a blue moon, taking an old premise and spinning it on itself to create a wonderfully delicious tale of carnage and woe, of good and evil and of the dangers one must face when confronted by supernatural forces. By far a must see.
     The mother of all zombie movies, inspired by the original man of terror, H.P. Lovecraft, The Re-Animator  has finally made its way to the free stream. While not nearly as grotesque as modern horror, it makes up its visual shortcomings with suspense and plot, as well as character development one rarely sees in movies at all, let alone ones from so long ago.
     Parasitic  is an interesting romp through a nightclub, where friends must fight off the wiles of an infernal monster while trying to find a way to escape before its all too late. The acting is a tad weak, but the premise is solid and fairly original. It's also got enough moments of dark humor that it kept me entertained, though humor to me is terror to others. Still, a truly masterful piece that I would suggest to anyone.
     Dead Season  is a new zombie film that is a rehash of the same thing we've seen over and over again, yet keep coming back to for more. Gore and violence await you in this film as a pair of survivors battle their way through the hordes of walking dead to reach a remote island in hopes of finding sanctuary. For a low budget film, I was engrossed in the story and impressed with the acting, happy to see a new addition to the vast library of zombie films worth talking about.
     The series American Horror Story  has also been made available, and is by far one of my new favorites. The character development, the multiple sub plots, the amazing array of characters... its all so perfect I can barely contain my glee. While only a brief twelve hours, its well worth the watch.
     More updates are soon to come kiddies, so stick around and check back in when you can. I have a few more stories left to scribble down before I commit them to the eternity that is the internet.

     Sweet Dreams

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