Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Label

     The "Novel" label you folks have been seeing attached to some of my more recent posts indicates, as one would suspect, that this is an excerpt of a novel I've written and am actively trying to get published. 
     Pride is a Horror/Fantasy where the world has always held the mysterious and mystical, and groups of people have banded together to better deal with the darker forces of the supernatural realm. I have the first two books of this novel series finished, and am currently having them edited.
     Jack in the Box is a traditional Horror story that involves a small Texas town close to my birthplace of San Antonio. While a tad shorter than my standard novels, a mere fifty thousand words, I hope to have this novel published by this summer.
     The final novel excerpts you will begin seeing is a tale called Love Bites, a Horror novel with a slight romantic twist that is more suited for adult readers. While I only post the first five chapters of any given book, in readable segments of course, this last book will only have the first three posted once it has been fully edited.
     For all of my work, novels or not, I love and need feedback about what you read: what you like, what you dislike and any errors I might have overlooked. So feel free to comment on any post.
     Sweet Dreams!  

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