Friday, March 8, 2013

The Last Exorcism

     This series of films is, in a broad sense, a rather good experience. The first is more of a documentary focusing on a con artist who comes into contact with a real possession in the backwoods of Louisiana.

     A good movie, to be sure. Plenty of suspense, the acting was above par and the plot was fairly fresh and original, not just a rehashing of The Exorcist like so many others.
     Then along came a spider, and that spider was in the form of a sequel aptly dubbed The Last Exorcism Part II. A continuation of sorts from the rather abrupt ending that the first movie had given us.

     This movie was far worse than the original, which is somewhat the norm for sequels. It answers no real questions, just carries along a story that was complete even further than is necessary. The acting is once again decent, but the whole plot is a mess, with religious connotations merged into one another to create this horrid script of metaphors that are in so many ways not subtle and are yet too difficult to read and count.
     The series is alright, and since the original is on Netflix I definitely suggest seeing it. The second one, wait for it to come out on television. 

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