Sunday, January 17, 2016

Creepy Campfire Quarterly

     Bet you can't say the title five times really fast, eh? This is a new magazine that will focus on the creepy; stories that make you look over your shoulder should you be around a campfire or slipping into bed. The bulk of the stories brings a unique flavor of terror that you rarely see these days, usually tying in a moral in a cute subtext. Some of the stories are purely fear and fear alone; but whichever ones you learn to like, know that every season there will be a new Creepy Campfire Quarterly for you to purchase, or submit to. As of right now there is no link to purchase as it comes out on 01/20/2016, but I'll post something up when the time comes. I know I'll be looking forward to my copy, so I'd be certain to grab one to read to your children.
     Please, for the children.
Sweet Dreams!
Displaying CCQ #1-Front_Cover-jpeg.jpg
Displaying CCQ #1-Front_Cover-jpeg.jpg
Displaying CCQ #1-Front_Cover-jpeg.jpg

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