Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Inaugural Issue of Creepy Campfire Quarterly Is Here!

     Now it's not available on Kindle (yet) and it will be a while before Nook picks it up, but the paperback versions are available to order!
     Like the previous post, these stories are a tad... extreme in nature. That's not to say they are all extreme. Not at all... but most of them have some real scary content in them. My story Ghost of Big Bend is within these pages and if it is a one of the tamer stories within, the rest will read good, if not better than mine. Enough for a +17-year-olds.
     Ah, to be young again... but if you want to get a copy, the image on the right is a link to Amazon. Order a copy for yourself and do enjoy. And as always, sweet dreams!

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